By: Anggriyani Pinandari , Siswanto Wilopo, Robert Magnani, and Amirah Wahdi

Indonesia participation in global family planning commitments was launched in the London Summit 2012. The main target is providing family planning method for 120 million women of reproductive age in the world and reaching other 17 related indicators by year 2020. To ensure Indonesia’s contribution for the target, government established 8 family planning indicator targets through National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2015-2019. Indonesia also commits to maintain investment for FP programs financing, including reallocating resources to the most densely populated provinces and districts where the TFR is still high and located mostly in rural areas and smaller islands. The country will broaden access and choice by strengthening public and private clinic services and provision of long-acting and secure contraceptive methods, including post-partum FP program.

Indonesia is experiencing a second demographic transition which characterized by increased number of productive and reproductive age. This coming era is marked by the change of sexual and reproductive pattern, such as increasing on premarital sexual intercourse and unwanted pregnancy. This is a challenge for family planning program to guarantee controlled growth of the population and fulfillment of contraception needs. In RPJMN 2015-2019 government is targeting TFR to drop to 2.28 (see Table 1). For which we need to increase the number of contraception users especially for modern method.

Indonesia have annual data collection to tracking the progress of RPJM indicators, but none for FP2020. In 2015, PMA2020 was conducted for the first time to full fill that need and provide trajectory of each indicators toward 2020. This analysis aim to present the current progress and profile of Indonesia family planning indicators by putting the result of first round of PMA2020 2015 and others existing data.

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