Name : Agung Nugroho, AMG, MPH
Nationality :Indonesia
Sex :Male
Place/date of birth : Klaten, 16 December 1971
E-mail :

1. Graduated from SD Negeri Perumnas I Condongcatur Depok sleman
Yogyakarta, 1984
2. Graduated from SMP Negeri 2 Condongcatur Depok Sleman
Yogyakarta, 1987.
3. Graduated from SMA Negeri 2 Sleman Babarsari Yogyakarta, 1990.
4. Graduated from Nutrition Academy, Ministry of Health Indonesia,
Yogyakarta, 1994.
5. Graduated from Master of Public Health Program, Umeå University
Sweden, 2001.

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